This semester, we are partnering with Curry Up Now to bring food to you on a weekly basis! Please order no later than 11:59 AM on Tuesday for the week's delivery! Food pickup will be at 6:00 PM on Wednesdays at the Transit Hub.

Our next delivery will be on

Please select from the following Curry Up Now options:
Green items indicate they are vegetarian; green* items indicate they are vegan.
Indian Street Food



Kathi Rolls

Chef's Specials








Card processing fees may apply. By placing a food order with India Club at Georgia Tech, you agree to the following terms and conditions. All sales are final. Only the person with the listed GT ID will be able to claim the delivery order. You must be in line to retrieve your order by 6:30 PM on the day of delivery otherwise it will be considered a no-show with no refund.